Revity Consulting

Commercial Email Marketing for Power Washer and Landscapers 

Revity is an experienced sales engine dedicated to increasing your commercial revenue by targeting high-value prospects with personalized and optimized email campaigns that provide you with qualified leads. Partnering with business owners in the commercial power washing and landscape business, we are determined to increase your pipeline and provide a substantial return on your investment. 

What We Offer

Our Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) are versed marketers who understand your challenges and the pain points of your clients in order to implement targeted outreach.

Lead Generation Campaign

Our Approach

Effective Targeting:

• Revity utilizes top-tier U.S. data companies to compile 1,500 target contacts.
Up-to-date contact information results in minimal bounced emails.

Email Messaging:

• Revity creates six unique emails that are optimized through A/B testing.
      – Emails are succinct and tailored to get responses.
      – Emails are personalized to each prospect and sent on a 1-to-1 basis.
      – Emails are sent at research-backed intervals to avoid overexposure.
• Revity leverages advanced email software to automate email delivery during optimal days and times when prospects are most likely to engage.

Ongoing Campaign Support:

•Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) monitor campaign performance on a daily basis and forward leads that need to be followed up on.
•CRMs conduct bi-weekly reviews and provide a cumulative report summarizing leads and responses with extensive detail.
•CRMs create nurturing emails for responses that express future interest.

A History of Success

Revity has delivered results and helped clients grow their revenue in the commercial power washing and landscaping industries. Our CRM team is well equipped to drive performance and accelerate your revenue.