Revity Consulting

Sales Development for Tech and Software Companies

Using our knowledge of the tech-enabled sales platform, Revity integrates with and supports your business development efforts. We work with your sales leadership to execute on a strategy to grow your pipeline, nurture your prospects, and expand your relationships with current customers.

All the elements of an effective sales development team focused on execution and results.

  A determined team of college-educated SDRs who undergo extensive daily coaching and feedback sessions

  A versed marketing and research team that collaborates with SDRs, supporting and refining your sales development efforts

  Outbound multi-channel outreach to prospects that is optimized through research and practice

  Evaluated activity performance, ensuring Revity implements effective activities that result in qualified opportunities

  A top-tier technology stack enabling flawless execution and efficient prospect outreach

  Hand in hand collaboration with your sales team, combining your expertise with our prospecting capabilities

  Opportunity to reduce acquisition costs by hiring high-performing SDRs as future SDR managers and AEs

Our Specialties for Tech and Software Companies

Pipeline Development

Pipeline Development

Our fully equipped sales team will give you the enhanced customer insight you need to move quality leads more effectively through the buying process.

Cross Selling


Get connected with those that already trust you! Our outreach efforts will enable you to educate prospects and expand the value of your best customers.

Sales Nurturing

Sales Nurturing

We help you move leads from MQL to SQL faster and more efficiently. What all of your “should-be” customers require, we can provide.

Enabling Partner Led Sales

Enabling Partner-Led Sales

Our programs provide the sales and marketing expertise you need to get greater geographic coverage along with the customized framework your partners prefer.

private equity

Private Equity Portfolio Performance

Our portfolio audit and assessment will show you where you can increase profits, retain more customers and improve overall sales activity for years to come.

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