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Pipeline Development

Pipeline Development

We Manage and Grow Your Pipeline with a Tech-Enabled Focus

We are truly an integrated extension of your sales team, and that is critical to realizing a maximum ROI. We are a front-end outsourced sales partner, not a lead generation shop. Our unique approach to fully integrating with your sales team ensures that quality leads are moved through the pipeline.

What We Provide

  • Professional sales team members
  • Full tech stack optimized for business development
  • Accurate mapping of target companies and personas
  • Business case focused messaging development
  • AI and ML-enabled analysis to continue to perfect efforts
  • Marketing support to increase response rates

How It Works


Our well-developed sales approach balances a solution-selling methodology with deep technical understanding to ensure prospects see how your solutions align with their needs. After scoping the correct targeted companies by geography, size, and vertical, we identify the appropriate level decision-making team to build curiosity in your offering and nurture that relationship into a SQL, at which point your sales professional is engaged.


To transition the relationship built through the outreach efforts, we will participate as an observer while your sales professional runs the initial discovery call. After that call, a decision is made whether to make a complete handoff or for our team to continue to nurture the lead.


Our sales development representatives (SDR/BDR) have a single goal: To identify and develop sales qualified leads (SQL) for your sales team. Research into the buying process demonstrates that it takes an average of five (5) calls after the initial discovery meeting to move a prospect to the next stage of the pipeline. With our integrated approach, we ensure that nurturing takes place so that you maximize your ROI on your investment in outsourced sales.

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