Revity Consulting

Private Equity Portfolio Performance

Private Equity Portfolio Performance

Proven Revenue Improvement Without Excuses

Revity has the expertise to quickly assess your portfolio companies’ sales structure, processes, and technology stack. We work with private equity and venture capital partners to identify performance gaps related to growth, customer acquisition cost, customer retention, sales productivity, or partner success. With the portfolio company executive team, we then develop actionable and time-based plans to rapidly accelerate profitable revenue.

We work to increase your deal size, gain more share of wallet from current customers, improve customer retention, accelerate the sales motion, and increase sales productivity while reducing sales turnover. Revity is confident we can execute because our track record demonstrates repeatable success.

Key Capabilities/Services

  • Sales territory design
  • Go-to-market strategy and optimal sales structure
  • Sales management span and activities
  • Correct compensation to attract and retain talent
  • Pipeline metrics that provide the ability to forecast
  • Support sales with front end pipeline development
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