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Clearly Identified ROI for Market Qualified Leads

We ensure your marketing investment achieves your required ROI by closing the gap from MQL to SQL. We accomplish this with telesales outreach that complements your marketing campaign. For companies without a marketing team, we can execute an integrated omnichannel campaign to move your prospect to the discovery meeting with your sales professional.

Whether it is a prospect that stopped by at a trade show or someone that has attended a webinar or hit your landing page, we can help you nurture that prospect with outreach sales activities to convert them from a MQL to a SQL.

Key Capabilities/Services

  • Our professional telesales group will move the prospect through the pipeline
  • Our SDR will join the discovery call to ensure a solid handoff to your team
  • We will provide reporting to marketing to ensure results are tied to efforts
  • We can support the sales efforts with a marketing package
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