Revity Consulting

Your Sales Development Rep Knows Commercial Roofing

We book you appointments with private schools, churches, retail centers, apartment complexes, owner-occupied buildings, and industrials.

No Contract Required

We are so confident in our ability to set qualified appointments that we don’t require a contract. What high quality sales professional is ever concerned about losing their job? Certainly not us.

Lead Generation Campaign

Our Approach

Effective Targeting:

• Once we understand your territory, we use Google Maps to analyze the conditions of the property block by block or county by county.

• Once we identify a property that looks in disrepair, whether that’s ponding water on a flat roof, missing shingles, or just looks rough in general, we use Reonomy to identify the building owner and start the calling outreach.

• If it’s a company owned building, we use ZoomInfo to identify the property, facility, or maintenance manager or even the CEO of a smaller company.

• Getting the decision maker on the phone we work to understand the history of the building and identify an opportunity to book an appointment.

Email Messaging:

• Calling is our most effective outreach, yet each campaign includes email marketing to surface market qualified leads.

• Revity creates six unique emails that are optimized through A/B testing.
– Emails are succinct and tailored to get responses.
– Emails are personalized to each prospect and sent on a 1-to-1 basis.
– Emails are sent at research-backed intervals to avoid overexposure.

• Revity leverages advanced email software to automate email delivery during optimal days and times when prospects are most likely to engage.