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How to Pick the Right Sales Strategy

Making Smart Sales Decisions

Cost Justifying an Outsourced Sales Approach


Lead Generation Forecasting

Not Hitting Your Forecast? Not Enough Leads May Be the Issue.

Sales Professionals are naturally optimistic in their outlook on being able to close business. Moreover, most sales professionals don’t want too much management oversight.

I would not go as far as to say that a sales professional would submit a fabricated forecast. Still, when they are putting together their projections at the beginning of a quarter, the eternal optimism combined with the concern for extra oversight does seem to influence their objectivity…

cold calling

How Can You Sell My Product Without Being an Expert?

One of the most common questions raised when thinking about outsourcing your sales development efforts is: “How do you sell our solution without being an expert?”

Usually, this question indicates that the SDR/BDR role is not being framed correctly…

cold calling

Is Cold Calling Dead? 

The viability of cold calling is one of the hottest topics in sales today… Many decision-makers would enthusiastically tell you that they’d never buy from a cold call, and many sales professionals would use that as support to justify not making cold calls. 

choosing a sales career

Excelling in a Sales Career: Learnings Throughout Sales

When you are in a sales career, the most important thing to keep in mind is that sales is all about results. Achieving your quota/plan is your job. I like to compare sales professionals to boxers or tennis players: Your results are 100% within your control.

There are some key behaviors that help sales professionals achieve results…

building an sdr team

How Difficult is Building an SDR Team? It May be Harder than You Think.

An SDR needs a great deal of coaching: It would be challenging to start an SDR on an enterprise-level sale. No matter how well you train them, they need to get on the phone and experience connects to truly execute and learn. With small accounts, you can utilize a script to teach the SDR the content and tone, and anticipate the three to five objections they’ll primarily hear.

Calling or Emailing?

When determining how best to reach your clients, it can be difficult to decipher whether email marketing or cold calling will reach them the best. While there’s no simple, fix-all strategy to ensure you’ll reach all your potential customers, there are ways to figure out which option will work best for you…

How to Select an Appointment Setting Company

You’re excited: you spent two weeks talking to lead generation and appointment setting companies and you decided to go with the company that promised you the most appointments. Now you’re going to be off to the races.

Want to Grow Your MSP? Get the Contract

It’s hard to convince somebody to buy something that they don’t want. Revity works with dozens of MSPs across North America and our sales team, unfortunately, sees many MSPs trying to sell what the prospect doesn’t want to buy…